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Winter in the swamp

January 5 2013 | News

This is Capt. John, one of the guides at Pearl river Eco-Tours. We've been having some fun tours of the swamp, even in this cool weather. Most of the real big alligators are "hibernating" but there are still  some small ones tucked back in the corners of the bayous, even at this time of year! With the leaves gone on many of the trees , it gives you the chance to see deeper into the swamp. We've been seeing alot of Nutria (thats a "swamp rat"), wild pigs, raccoons (my FAVORITE) and a wide variety of birds like egrets, hawks, owls and one of the coolest birds out there-the snake bird! Thats an Anhinga. They can swim UNDER WATER and fly! I'll teach you all about it when you come out on a tour with me. There"s always a lot of plant life too.I'll show you where aspirin comes from and some great natural cures for poisin ivy. The indians that lived out here really knew the swamp and passed their wisdom on to us! We do morning and afternoon tours so make a reservation and come out and join me for a swamp adventure you'll never forget!!