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Loving being Little!!!

June 24 2016 | News

I have spent a lot of time lately answering the nicest Trip Advisor reviews and email reviews, but the one thing I seem to hear from everyone is how SMALL we are here at Pearl River Eco Tours, and that has got me thinking about what being small in the big world of tourism really means.  Here are some of the really sweet reviews from the last few days that typify what I mean about realizing just how small we are:

"The place is smaller than the one down the road, the captain of our covered boat was very knowledgeable about the rules of the river. The other company didn't follow those rules. I really enjoyed this experience very much was with my husband, sister in law, nephew, a nephews girlfriend and a friend of my sister in law."

"The main thing is...we passed 2 of their boats, and they were packed. We had 5 people total in our full sized boat! "

"My friends and I had a great time in the swamp with Captain Wade. It's a family-run business composed of people who are deeply connected to the community and the swamp--we saw a ton of alligators and some beautiful birds and a wild boar."

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW we are small. I mean we all work really hard seven days a week just to keep things running, but I guess sometimes I don't realize how down right nice and quaint we are to the outside world!  My swampman (husband) is the owner, and he is the hardest working man I know.  He is often the one taking reservations, making courtesy calls, driving the bus, doing tours, changing oil in the boats, dealing with paperwork, and tons of other things.  I guess we are so deep in the trees that sometimes it takes the very people we take on tour to help us see the beauty of the whole forest.  In a world of fast pace, hurry up, take a number, put this bracelet on and stand over here, it does seem awful nice to have the owner of a business give you a courtesy call the night before a morning tour and let you know who your driver will be the next day.  I guess seeing either our pretty smiling red head, Louisiana born and bred, welcome you when you walk up or that cute little California gal, that one of our captains was smart enough to talk her into marrying him,  take the time to listen to your concerns and make sure you have just what you need means a lot.  Then, when you get on that boat and you just know you can put your trust in the captain's hands that personally helped you on and explained all the safety rules to you before he ever turned around to look for an alligator to show you, you know you are with friends.

There are many times we have actors and well know celebrities on tour, but we always make certain to give them privacy and respect. That is one reason many of them come back to see us time and time again. We are very blessed to have many of our customers who come back to see us year after year because this is their experience.  When we say thank you for letting us do what we truly love...we mean it from the bottom of our hearts.  Yes, I guess with all that, it is easy to for our customers to see what a small, family run business we are, and I believe it just may be the very best thing to be...We are the tiny tour company that works hard to make your swamp experience more than just average!! We want you to feel this experience and remember it for a lifetime! Loving small tour company life!!! Hope to see you soon!!!