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Happy New Year!!!

January 4 2013 | News

We have had a wonderful holiday and start to the new year here at Pearl River Eco-Tours!! Ronnie is loving the new van.  It makes getting around in New Orleans traffic much easier! Captain John has been extra busy this season between being in high demand as a "the piano player" at all the coolest places in NOLA and conducting wonderful winter swamp tours.  I often wonder when he gets any sleep! If you have never had the chance to hear Captain John, aka John Royen play piano, then you must make it part of your New Year's resolution to get down to NOLA and hear some of the best piano music and maybe even dance a little! Poor Captain Wade has been inundated with all things swine lately!  He survived a serious swine incident that he is more than happy to tell everyone about, and now he gets to go home to the lovely new addition to his family...Hammy Fay Bacon!!!  Pictures of Hammy in her pretty little pink attire will be shortly forthcoming.  Captain Wade is also always on the lookout for another pig to hug with while on tour...check out our video of him in action!!! Captain Neil has been so busy this season, and big kuddos to him for the absolute best hoilday decorations we have seen in a long time!! It has been like a winter wonderland around here, and the lights will be surely missed. The evening bonfires must continue though.  Even though it is a bit brisk out most days, we have had wonderful tours and have been seeing so many different types of amazing wildlife. Well it is time to open up the shop again, so I am bundling up and off I go! I will be talking with Tina about those pictures of the soon to be famous Hammy Fay!!