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From Capt. John-Spring is starting to "spring"!

February 24 2013 | News

As the weather starts to warm up, the trained eye can see spring starting to show up in the swamp! The small alligators are coming out more frequently to warm up, and I've seen the first prothonotary warbler of the season! Wow- sounds so high brow,LOL! Actually we call them swamp canaries. They're yellow with a brown wing. They come up here to the swamp from the Yucatan to mate in the spring.

I've noticed new leaves coming out on some of the bald cypress trees back in some of the bayous and the Louisiana iris just getting ready to bloom. It's the State wild flower and the blues, whites and yellows are fantastic in the spring! In no time at all, the swamp will be full of dozens of colorful birds coming back to the swamp and the caucophony tweets, squakes and whistles is amazing.

Come out for a tour with me and I'll point it all out to you and you will come away with beautiful memory of one of America"s most incredible and valuable eco systems!