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A great day for SWAMPING!!!

July 6 2016 | News

Today has been such a great day for swamping!!! Swamping you may ask…well swamping, to us, is the total emersion of mind, soul, and body into the depths of the Honey Island Swamp! If you were not certain, it is most definitely summer down this way, and while that may mean a bit of humidity, it also means lots of animals!!! Everyone has been seeing so many alligators, feral hogs, raccoons, eagles, herons, owls, and egrets!  Lots of pictures keep being sent our way, and we LOVE getting to see the treasures that our customers find on our swamp tours.  One of the best things about the swamp to me is the way it is so fluid.  Yes, I mean that literally and figuratively.  We have amazing waterways full of ancient cypress, oak, sweet gum, and willows, but it never looks the same twice to me.  The Honey Island Swamp has this uncanny ability to make itself over and over.  There are so many little things that can cause changes in the environment and therefore in what we see when we enter the world of the swamp.  I sat down yesterday and went through a collection of pictures from photographer that went on tour with us.  He took the 6 passenger boat and did a private sunrise tour.  I want to share some of these amazing pictures with you and invite you to share your pictures with us also!  We love seeing what captured your eye while on tour, so please take a moment and upload your amazing pics to our Facebook page or send them to us at our email address.  I can’t think of anything that makes everyone smile more than truly seeing art all around you, which, by the way, is kinda the name of Mr. Larry Emerson’s website: