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Our friend the RAIN!! Photo

Our friend the RAIN!!

August 12, 2016 News

Rain has been our friend here in the Honey Island Swamp as of late. I guess you could call it our friend. We might as well because it has been ever present this summer here in the swamp and in New Orleans, and while it makes the swamp life gro… Read More »

Old friends like Elvis... Photo

Old friends like Elvis...

July 25, 2016 News

Just as I was reaching for my Nikon to get another breathtaking picture of our local diva of the White Heron world, I looked out of the corner of my not so perfect vision, and was surprised to see an old friend. I had been so entranced with m… Read More »

Special Folks!!! Photo

Special Folks!!!

July 6, 2016 News

I always love it when “special folks” come on tour with us, and I am not referring to celebrities.  I really ALWAYS love it when those amazing people show up, like the guy who called from Arizona to book a tour and asked what we w… Read More »

A great day for SWAMPING!!! Photo

A great day for SWAMPING!!!

July 6, 2016 News

Today has been such a great day for swamping!!! Swamping you may ask…well swamping, to us, is the total emersion of mind, soul, and body into the depths of the Honey Island Swamp! If you were not certain, it is most definitely summer down t… Read More »

Loving being Little!!! Photo

Loving being Little!!!

June 24, 2016 News

I have spent a lot of time lately answering the nicest Trip Advisor reviews and email reviews, but the one thing I seem to hear from everyone is how SMALL we are here at Pearl River Eco Tours, and that has got me thinking about what being small in… Read More »

Lots to see!!!  Come visit us in the Honey Island Swamp! Photo

Lots to see!!! Come visit us in the Honey Island Swamp!

May 31, 2016 News

June is almost here, and there are so many amazing things going on in the swamp, but the most prominent feature is that the alligators are out in full force!!  I have been spending a lot of time on the river lately, and I get the chance to see th… Read More »

It's wintertime !! Photo

It's wintertime !!

December 23, 2013 News

From Captain John :  Things have quieted down in the swamp but that doesn't mean there's nothing to see! In the last few days we've seen raccoons, nutria, bald eagles and ospreys along with the egrets and herons. Several days … Read More »

TripAdvisor says We're one of the BEST nationwide!! Photo

TripAdvisor says We're one of the BEST nationwide!!

May 26, 2013 News

We are excited to announce that Pearl River Eco Tours is a  2013 Certificate of Excellence winner from TripAdvisor!! TripAdvisor only awards this certificate to the top 10% of businesses nationwide who consistantly earn top rev… Read More »

From Capt. John-Spring is starting to

From Capt. John-Spring is starting to "spring"!

February 24, 2013 News

As the weather starts to warm up, the trained eye can see spring starting to show up in the swamp! The small alligators are coming out more frequently to warm up, and I've seen the first prothonotary warbler of the season! Wow- sounds so high … Read More »

Winter in the swamp Photo

Winter in the swamp

January 5, 2013 News

This is Capt. John, one of the guides at Pearl river Eco-Tours. We've been having some fun tours of the swamp, even in this cool weather. Most of the real big alligators are "hibernating" but there are still  some small one… Read More »